Even Death Couldn’t Do Us Part

it’s been a year ago..
there’s a couple who always looks happy together.
almost no one could denied that they’re a match couple.

one day, a bad incident happened to them and it’s ruin everything just in a second
but it doesn’t changed their love for each other..

day became month..they still together..
they still fight for their love.

unfortunatelly.. the man had an accident and he couldn’t made it.
that man has to be gone forever and the girl left alone with sadness.

one night, the man came to the girl over her dreamt and he said,

“Don’t worry my dear, my love, even I’m not on your side anymore,
I will always be (up) there watching you and protect you forever..”

he said while he stroked the girl’s hair.

“just you know, I really love you and I always be in your heart..”

they hugged..

the man didn’t had much time, he had to go..

“I Love You, dear…” he kissed the girl forehead before he fly high with his beautiful wings.

the girl who just remained silent, humming “I Love You too” while cried.

when the girl woke up in the next morning, she’s surprised by a small red box besides her pillow.
she opened it and revealed a beautiful ring.

inside the ring, written her name and the man which is her boyfriend.

she’s smiled while tears fell on her blushy cheek.

even her man was gone, the ring always become her spirit.

a year later, she’s meet someone who can catch her heart and treat her very well, such her died man.

the girl accept this new man’s love and always keep the ring in her finger.

they doesn’t realize that there’s a wide smile appear from above 🙂

PS: Backsound > Sayap Pelindungmu by The Overtunes

and thanks for the vid. maker, MCA


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