Take Care (잘 지내요)

The photos that lie in my worn out drawer
show days of laughter that I’m grateful of.
They’re times that I’d never take away,
since each step we made added to the memorable scenery.
Do you ever look at them?
I wonder if your appearance has changed.
Do you ever think about me?
I wonder about these days but I try to keep them to myself.
Whenever we’re purposely brought together, you always turn away.
It’d be a lot better if we could go back to the past.

With this last bit of hope, I’ll fold my thoughts of you.
I’ll move away so you can go without guilty feelings.
My love was dull and not enough,
so find someone who can fill you up.
It’s okay to forget about me.

Sometimes I might come to mind,
even when some one is entering you heart.
You may miss the past at times,
but if it’s possible, don’t feel sorry for me.
Even if time was turned back and we never met,
I’d still love you

Don’t regret anything.
Always remember we were once cherished each other.
When we meet again,
I pray that you’ll be with someone special.
I hope we can smile comfortably
as we pass each other.
Let’s meet on a day like that.

Until then, take care

whatever you do, wherever you are.. Take Care. until someday we meet again, I wanna see you much better than now 🙂


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